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Citrix Powershell: Useful commands for Citrix XenApp

XenApp powershell commands that help to manage Citrix XenApp environment.

XenApp Servers on which a given application is hosted”

Get-XASession -BrowserName Notepad | select ServerName

Get the list of Users currently using a published XenApp Application:

Get-XASession -BrowserName notepad | select AccountName

Get the computer(or client) name from where a XenApp Application is launched:

Get-XASession -BrowerName notepad | select ClientName, AccountName

Logoff a user(user1) session who opened “MS Word” application in XenApp:

(Get-XASession -BrowserName “MS Word” -ServerName XenAPP1 | ? {$_.AccountName -match “User1″ }).SessionID | Stop-XASession

Get all published XenApp applications on a Server:

Get-XAApplication -ServerName XenApp1 | select DisplayName

Get the users or groups who has permission to a published application:

Get-XAAccount -BrowserName App1

How to get the list of processes running in a given XenApp session on server:

Get-XASessionProcess -ServerName XenApp1 -Sessionid 05

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