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Out of Office notification doesn’t work for one user

I had an issue with one user whose “Out of Office” didn’t work for some reasons.
In eventlog on Exchange servers I could find evenid 3004 saying the following:

The Rules quota of mailbox has been reached and the automatic reply rules can’t be enabled or updated. Delete some existing rules or increase the user’s rule quota and try to set the automatic reply again. You can use the Set-Mailbox cmdlet to increase a user’s rules quota.

In Exchange 2010 default the quota is 64 KB. You can check for the user:

Get-Mailbox –Identity accountname | select RulesQuota

My user has 120 rules configured in Outlook. To fix it you can increase it to 256 KB (it is maximum).

Set-Mailbox –Identity accountname –RulesQuota 256KB

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